ACHILES at GoMobility Exhibition

March 13th, 2020|Comments Off on ACHILES at GoMobility Exhibition

ACHILES project partner TECNALIA represented the project consortium at the GoMobility on 11 March.  ACHILES was part of the GoMobility’s poster exhibition and  presentation sessions. GoMobility is a meeting point for public and private actors [...]

ACHILES Project Update

February 14th, 2020|Comments Off on ACHILES Project Update

The full requirements and specifications for the ACHILES Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) have been defined; focus is given to the powertrain and chassis with support of the brake system by the powertrain. Requirements are based [...]

Technical workshops and General Assembly meeting

February 4th, 2020|Comments Off on Technical workshops and General Assembly meeting

The ACHILES consortium held its General Assembly (GA) meeting on 29 & 30 January in Frankfurt, Germany, hosted by CONTINENTAL. During the GA the project’s progress was presented and discussed in detail. Afterwards the [...]

Second E-VOLVE Cluster Newsletter

January 10th, 2020|Comments Off on Second E-VOLVE Cluster Newsletter

Find out more about the recent activities of the E-VOLVE Cluster by downloading its 2nd newsletter!

First ACHILES Newsletter

October 4th, 2019|Comments Off on First ACHILES Newsletter

The first ACHILES newsletter has been sent! If you did not receive it you can read it here. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

ACHILES at HiPEAC’s Computing System Week

September 23rd, 2019|Comments Off on ACHILES at HiPEAC’s Computing System Week

ACHILES project partner TECNALIA will present its work on virtual investigation framework and its relationship to the ACHILES project at the upcoming Computing System Week (CSW) hosted by HiPEAC. This CSW will be held in [...]