Two years and half after the beginning of the ACHILES project (December 2018), the integration into the Audi Q2 BEV demonstrator is well under way.

The modelling, design and prototyping of the powertrain and chassis components have been successfully achieved with a new wheel concept, an out-of-phase control for the brake system and a new torque vectoring algorithm for enhanced vehicle motion control.

The physical integration of the components into the ACHILES vehicle is ongoing at the different facilities of the consortium partners.

The interfaces of the developed vehicle subsystems have been defined and the software implementation into the novel Centralized Computer Platform (CCP) is ongoing.

Testing is still in progress on the different subsystems and the full vehicle testing plan has been defined to validate the performances of the ACHILES demonstrator and compare it to the baseline Audi Q2 BEV with regard to project KPIs.