The full requirements and specifications for the 3rd generation ACHILES Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) have been defined. The brake and drivetrain were designed for the special requirements of EVs and were optimized to enhance their interaction. Requirements are based on the Audi Q2 BEV, which will be used as a baseline. The project will, with targeted innovations improve them. In comparison to current vehicle concepts the requirements are downsized and adopted to pure electric driving. The test procedures and test list have been defined to verify the requirements.

The overall architecture for this next generation EV has been optimized to include various subsystems, mainly the brake and powertrain. Subsystems are currently being finalized to allow higher reliability, safety, agility, stability and energy efficiency with proper signal interfaces. The models and control strategies adaptations to integrate the four innovative technological concepts have been thoroughly discussed within the consortium and will be delivered shortly.

Finally, important design and development steps have been taken towards the implementation of the  dry by-wire braking within the chassis, the newly designed motion control functionalities, the New Wheel Concept with Al disc brake rotor and the Powertrain as an additional brake actuator.

The integration phase will then follow with the Audi Q2 BEV being dispatched to the project partners.